Wild Wolf

Cynognathus: The original wolf?





These are pictures from Montana, where today wolves roam in great number again after having been reintroduced in 1995. Wolf legislation in Montana provides a season for wolf hunting again in order to “manage” current wolf populations. Unfortunately, the management practices are not what were suppose to be mandated by the original contract/legislature enacted for the Experimental Rocky Mountain Wolf Recovery Program. Management was enacted to be federal and not of state jurisdiction. Given the episode of 911 upon America and the war efforts that en-sued thereafter, budgets to manage the recovered reintroduced wolf populations were instead exhausted upon the war effort. Thus, leaving the growing American gray wolf population to eventually be managed at the state level. Consequently, we have the current crisis in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and part of Michigan, were tags are now again being issued for via meant, and some times cruel hunting and maiming of gray wolves in America. Folks, the wolves have been a political issue, and will continue to be. The only way to protect them is in Federal Court. The Federal Government must be held to task on it’s original legislative responsibility. $$ Lawyers-sorry but lawyers. Please consider backing one of the proven law teams currently embroiled in the fight for Americas’ Rocky Mountain Recovered Gray Wolves, please. “WHAR”

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