We welcome hands on volunteers and open our facility on a weekly basis to people wanting to give of their time, a most precious gift in the fast past world we live in today. Keep in mind if you would like to volunteer we are going to ask that you volunteer for a least four hours a week, preferably one to two days in a seven day period. Most people generally find that they can give of their time during the weekend. Currently weekend volunteering is fine, however, we do have situations from time to time where a volunteer during the week would work well. If you are interested please contact us.

Contact: 805-610-6109
Mailing address: PO Box 594, Templeton CA 93465
Email us at volunteer@whar.org (checked weekly)

Thank you for caring enough about what we do to get involved with us. It is always a pleasure to find other people who share our vision and our passion.

Animal Interaction Volunteering

To become an animal volunteer with WHAR it is recommended but not required that you have experience in handling semi-wild animals such as horses, livestock, or hybrid cats or perhaps you’ve had a hybrid wolf or your own.  And although we would prefer that you have some experience, all you really need is the courage and motivation to take own new challenges with kindness and enthusiasm.  We do have an extensive hands on training program with a full oral orientation.  Our animal volunteer program is open to those of you who are 14 and older.  If you are under 18 you will need written parent or guardian consent and your parent or guardian will also need to be present for the initial tour and verbal orientation.  Call 805-610-6109 any time for more information.

Animal Volunteer Duties

  •    walking or jogging animals
  •    brushing or grooming
  •    handling or petting
  •    applying sprays
  •    clean up
  •    feeding

General Volunteer-Non animal related

There are many details at WHAR that do not involve handling animals for which we need help on a rotating basis.  Some of these include:  answering phones, returning calls, preparing parade floats, sending out mailers, working on email letters, designing new fliers, working public relations event such as the Grey Wolf Winery or setting up events at PetCo or other related public circumstances.  If you are a creative, outgoing person with huge people skills then you would work well helping talk with people about what it is we do at WHAR.  Or, perhaps you are very organized and goal oriented and would like to help with our office.  No matter who you are we need you invaluable help.  Please call any time at 805-610-6109 for more information on getting involved.

Community Service Hours Program

We gladly welcome those in our community who need to fulfill service hour programs due to  a varying degree of circumstances. Please call us at 805-610-6109 to inform us of the number of hours which need completion and also let us know your full legal name,  age, and availability dates.  We do not provide transportation for any volunteers.  Also, unfortunately there is no bus service to our location. Please be prepared to arrive on time and ready to complete your assigned tasks for your volunteer work day.

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