Before you arrive, General Information about WHAR and Tours:

  • We are located across from a private zoo like program called Zoo to You, manged by Conservation Ambassadors Inc. We ARE NOT AFFILIATED IN ANY WAY WITH Zoo to You. Understand we are sharing a property space only. Please respect that programs space while on the property, do not enter their space without an appointment, thank you. You can contact this group at 805-239-9015 for more information.
  • When you arrive please either park outside the “green” gate and walk all the way to the back of the drive, or you can drive in and park in front of the WHAR gate where you see the signs. 
  • On you walk you will see exotic birds and a turtle/tortoise habitat. You will also see the farmland habitat and pond with horses, emu’s, camels and ostriches in addition to other seasonal animals. Theses animals are part of Zoo to You.
  •  IF, you plan on interaction with one of our hybrid wolves please do the following: Wear closed toed shoes, young girls please NO SKIRTS, All Persons no animal fur coats or feather filled jakets please,  and if you are taking pictures and posting to social media you must give credit to WHAR.Org.
  • And last please understand that all prices are donations at minimum. If wish to donate more please DO, we need your help full time. Tours make up over 40% of what enables WHAR to STAY OPEN! We receive Zero government funding, and “OPRAH” or “Ellen” do support our mission. We are operated by an all volunteer group of caring directors and community volunteers. Speaking of which, if you are interested about becoming a WHAR staff volunteer, please set up an orientation appointment to see if this is a good fit for you and your worldly ideas.
  • We always need meat and other items from our Wish List, of which if you would like to add those items to your base tour donations, we would VERY much appreciate that for the animals, please see the wish list tab on this site.
  • And before you go, please understand we accept cash, checks made out to WHAR, or if you want to donate by credit card, you may do so on our web site via Paypal for a $5 fee to costs of Paypal. From all of us here at WHAR and for the benefit of the animals we house we thank you for your support, cooperation and consideration. HOWLS and Happy Days!!!!


Standard Tours:
Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 5 pm & Friday through Sunday 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  All tours are weather permitting.

Standard Tours Donation:

  • Persons 13 and up are $10 each
  • Kids 6-12 are $5 each
  • Kids 5 and under are free.

Standard Tour Details:

  • Last about 50 minutes but not limited too a time limit.
  • Is accessible to persons with mobility equipment.
  • No bathroom accommodations at this time, our apologies.

Dusk Tours:
Saturday and Sunday 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm. All tours are weather permitting

Feeding Tours:
Must be made via appointment at all times.  Please call for details at 805-610-6109
$20 donation is suggested for people 13 and above. Kids 5-12 are $10 donation and Kids under 5 are not permitted to feed but may attend for free. Please bring chicken LEGS, raw, bone in, skin on. Chicken thighs are okay as well, raw with bone in and skin on.

A winter sunset in Jan 2014.” You just never know what amazing sky will-set the back drop as you visit the WHAR Wolves. Twilight is the perfect time to schedule a tour and hang out while the wolves howl in the night amidst a glistening hue of oranges and blues dropped behind a mountain back drop. Check out the Tour Reservations page to schedule a tour!

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