Tour Reservations

Please understand we share land with another rescue, Zoo to You program. We are separate facilities owned and operated interdependently. WHAR is on the far right of the facility land. Please park outside the green gates and walk in on foot. All person who cannot make the walk may drive in, ask for details. In closing, please understand that WHAR is a grassroots program and the donations from the wolf tour make up 40% of our annual donations. Please understand that wolf tourism donations are a HUGE part of hour support base to save the animals. Many Howls and see all of your very soon! More info on Facebook at WHAR Wolf rescue!!

Standard Tours:
Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 5 pm & Friday through Sunday 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  All tours are weather permitting.  

Dusk Tours: 
Saturday and Sunday 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm. All tours are weather permitting

Feeding Tours:
Must be made via appointment at all times.  Please call for details at 805-610-6109
$20 donation is suggested for people 13 and above. Kids 5-12 are $10 donation and Kids under 5 are not permitted to feed but may attend for free. Please bring chicken LEGS, raw, bone in, skin on. Chicken thighs are okay as well, raw with bone in and skin on.


Simply fill out this form with your request to come and take
a tour of the new WHAR facilities. We will check your request
with our available times and will send you an email confirming
your reservation or not. Just because you submit a form
does not mean your tour is confirmed!
 Your tour will
be confirmed by email or call. Minimum 72 hours is needed
to make a tour reservation. 
If less than 72 hours notice,
please call 805-610-6109 and leave a voicemail or text message
and ask for special expedited processing of your request.

Please send us your request today!


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