Many thousands of you have met Cherokee over the years. He will be remembered as the beautiful boy who would never get his feet or fur dirty. Former mate to Lyken, Cherokee never choose another mate once Lyken passed, and remained a lone wolf content knowing that he had found his true love. While alive Lyken and Cherokee were inseparable. As dueling ruling alpha males, neither were ever swayed in their path of fairness and consideration for the rest of the WHAR Wolf pack. Upon Lyken’s sudden death at 8, we had hoped Cherokee would take on another soul to share his divine spirit. Such was never the case, but he did if fact live on to share his amazing cheer, joy, beauty, and majes-ty with all the WHAR Wolf tour visitors over the years. He will be missed always, and there will only ever be one Cherokee. “Shake the heavens our friend, and may you and Lyken rule in care, your spirited part of the universe.”

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