Fun Facts

Here are some fun and interesting facts about Wolves and Hybrid Wolves:

  • Most wolf and wolf mixes can assess humans by their body language and scent. Eye¬†contact is also important when trying to communicate with these animals. Too much can create tension and not enough shows weakness.
  • Captive born female Wolves and Hybrid Wolves will dig a den in captivity with any and all offspring helping regardless of the female being pregnant or sterilized.
  • Most Wolves and Hybrid Wolves can sense sickness and disease in humans. Everything from the common cold to major diseases.
  • Most Wolves and Hybrid Wolves howl frequently. The reason for this has never been completely figured out. Some say it’s a release of energy, others an emotional expression, and others a communication method. Regardless of the true reason, there is nothing like being surrounded by a chorus of howling animals.
  • Wolves and Hybrid Wolves are very territorial. Any property within their sight range, is thought to be their own. Scent marking happens automatically both from males and females. Most animals try to mark the property every few feet and frequently each week. Most males will automatically mark after their females.
  • In a wild wolf pack, an omega has the important role of ensighting play and diffusing tension. The middle of beta role is that of the scout and second in command. While the Alpha male and female are in charge of initiating the hunts and reproduction of pups.
  • Most Wolf pups are born with blue/gray eyes that later turn yellow, amber, yellow-green, yellow-brown, or even brown, but never black.

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