A huge thanks to sponsors who are providing many things to make W.H.A.R. Wolf Rescue a more effective community resource.

  • George Wilkins – Musical writer/producer for WHAR
    Jokingly known as the “Foremost Composer For Singing Animals” because of past credits for Disney’s “Bear Band Jamboree”, “Mickeys Toontown”, “Roger Rabbit’s Spin”, “Winnie The Pooh’s Honey Hunt”, “Worlds of Wonder”, “The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin”, and the “Singing Mother Goose”, to name a few, George took this assignment a little more serious this time around because the plight of the Wolf population in the US is so dire. One can only hope that organizations like WHAR WOLF helps ease the life of the captured.
  • John Leonard – Web Design 
    Providing constant website care and computer services.
  • Rental Depot of Paso Robles
    Sponsors of our new and improved wolf kennel
    contact: 805-237-9915
  • Roberts Notary & Tax Service
    Book Keeping

    Helping W.H.A.R. with their books
    Tax Preparation Licensed & Bonded
    Millie R. Roberts
    contact: 805-238-5250
  • Howard Sign Company of Paso Robles
    Providing low cost and no cost signs and banners for WHAR public interest opportunities
    contact: 805- 238-1299
  • Fence Factory Atascadero CA
    Providing fencing material to WHAR at reduced prices
    contact:  462-1362
  • Alan Salazar Spirit Hawk Chumash Native American Story teller
    Many thanks to Alan for his talents and blessings at this year 4th Annual WHAR BBQ
    contact:  805-237-7785

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