Common Fiction

The following list are some logical errors made by many: 


1. “I want to get a Wolf Hybrid to guard my property.”
Mistake - Wolf Hybrids are devoted to their human companions and not to defending their property from other human beings. However, they will defend their property from other canines.

2. “A wolf hybrid is just like a dog.” 
Misunderstanding - while all Wolf Hybrids are part dog they also possess a varying degree of wild wolf traits and characteristics. Most hybrids will howl frequently, bury and store food, dig a den, fiercely mark their territory, refuse to play fetching games, and expect to be treated as an equal member of the family versus the normal canine who will settle for a lesser position to its “master”.

3. “I can just keep my Wolf Hybrid in my apartment or house.” 
Mistake - just as any other large canine, a Wolf Hybrid has a need to be connected to an outside environment and feels most at ease when it is able to visualize exterior surroundings.

4. “Wolf Hybrids will attack small children.” 
Misunderstanding - If a Wolf Hybrid is raised around and conditioned to accept small children as part of its immediate family (pack) then it is our opinion that children can become companions with the wolf hybrids as long as parent supervision is present.

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