Adoption Protocol

Public Adoption Protocol

The following outline is to establish the guidelines in which this organization adopts wolf hybrids to the general public. It does not apply to adoptions to zoo’s or sanctuaries.  In no way is the following established for the purpose of discrimination against anyone’s national origin or religious beliefs. At no time will WHAR posit any questions regarding potential adopters right to choose a religion or infringe upon other civil rights. WHAR does reserve the right to preview all potential new homes for quality content, proper up keep, excellent physical  containment, and assurance of emotional stability in the perspective new person or owner.

WHAR reserves the right to remove any adopted wolf hybrid if conditions deteriorate from the parameters set forth in our adoption contract.  The following is a list of requirements that must be meet in order to house and adopt a wolf hybrid from this organization.



    1.  All parties involved and living in the home must agree to interact with said animal productively, positively, and without fear or apprehension. Previous experience in owning a hybrid wolf is helpful but not necessary. If new adopters haven’t owned a wolf hybrid we will ensure that the new owner has the necessary skills or we will not release an animal to that person or people.


    1. We will only adopt to people who have a securely  fenced yard of at least 10ft x 10ft.  We will not adopt animals to people who live in apartments, unless the apartment comes with access to an attached yard or fenced courtyard of any sort.  We reserve the right to contact the land lord or owner with regard to permission in keeping a dog of such wolf type nature.


    1. Animals are to live both inside and out. However, we are not opposed to an “outside only” environment.


    1.  A high protein diet is to be fed. We advise 23% protein base and up. We ask that you buy a meat first ingredient diet of good quality.  No corn based feed, and especially no soy, or wheat gluten.   Raw food such as beef or chicken is advised. Never raw pork.


    1. At no time will you leave your adopted wolf hybrid on a chain or cable. We will accept a cable run but for a maximum period of 5 hours only per day,  not over night, and not permanently for the life of the animal.


    1. At no time will we release animals to people who will breed them. All of our animals are intended to be kept from the breeding circle.


    1. We will not adopt animals to people who are obviously abusing illegal drugs or act in a manner consistent with someone being “high.”


    1. We will not adopt to people living in known documented parts of town in which street gang activity is prone. We will consult with local law enforcement before making our decision.


    1. We will use extreme discretion in adopting to people who openly state that they have breed wolves or wolf hybrids for personal profit/gain in the past.


    1. We will not adopt to people who will attempt to use a wolf hybrid to guard people or that persons property.


    1. We will release to zoos and qualified sanctuaries only when we receive an animal that is not suited for our containment,  environment, and or rescue program.


    1. We choose to collaborate with other out of area rescue operations to preview out of town adoption situations, relying on that other rescue to make a judgement decision of the adopters potential ability and containment in keeping  a wolf hybrid canine.


    1. We will adopt to the following states pending local laws:  CA, OR, WA, AZ, UT, CO, ID, MT, NM


    1. We hold the final word in all adoptions, unless another owner is present, in that case we will cooperate with the relinquishing owners in finding an ideal home for their animal.


  1. All animals adopted will be sterilized, no exceptions.

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