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1999 seems so very far away… that is how long it has been in process, THE WHAR WOLF RESCUE. Now it comes to rest on a one acre parcel just slightly east of downtown Paso Robles in Central California.Although the mission has remained the same for all of these years, things are changing permanently for the good and for the better. The long wait is over, the good new is here: WE HAVE A BRAND NEW STATE OF THE ART FACILITY TO HOUSE THE RESCUED ANIMALS WHO CALL WHAR HOME! After two and a half years of planning, fretting, negotiating, plotting, and considering, we are ecstatic to announce our new facility has been open since mid-October, 2010. As anyone will tell you, this is the best place on the West Coast to see this type of animal up close. Also… you will marvel at the new animal park setting. We encourage you to come for an afternoon of animals adventure! the surroundings will inviteTO HELP NOW CALL 805-610-6109!

“Mz. Nikki-” Current Alpha female of WHAR Wolf Pack. Hopefully you will have a chance to see Nikki at one of the WHAR presentations!

“Cool Man Shiloh-” Currently Alpha male of WHAR Wolf Pack. Shiloh will be appearing with Nikki at a variety of venues.

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