WHAR’s Story (CONTACT INFO WHAR.ORG 805-610-6109  Face: WHAR Wolf Rescue)

1999 seems long ago, but really in terms of other organizations we have been open for a blink. Now in the fifteenth year, WHAR has become a stopping spot for many wolf and wolf hybrid enthusiasts on the west coast. It is also home to a very unique program, its animals are a blend of both hybrid dog/wolf mixes and also captive born full blood wolves.

In the beginning the mission was simple rescue wolf/dog mixes in San Luis Obispo County. Today we reach out to animals and people in need through the seven western states of the U.S. We offer rescue of certain animals, we have an adoption program for hybrids to new homes, a animal training and behavior modification program for dogs, hybrids, wolves, and various other animals, an education tour program, field trips in house here at WHAR, and last, animal consultations. The result of now 15 years of work, volunteerism, and community service, WHAR has become a positive resource for many things that can be of constructive help to animals and their owners in many ways. The education program excels at teaching people of all ages but especially kids why wolves are the essential apex predator in the wild, and if you choose to own a wolf type animal in captivity, you as a human being need to learn how to understand the inner workings of the wolfs’ world if you plan on being it’s leader and sharing your life with it. Choosing to share part of your life with this type of animal can change your life forever, as the Krutsingers can attest to personally.

After the death of the family dog Jake in 1998, the Krutsinger family went in search of a new Malamute mix, what we found was two incredible animals, Tundra and Chinook-Tundra a hybrid wolf/Malamute and Chinook being a pure Alaskan Malamute. And to look at the WHAR program today and understand that Tundra and Chinook shook our family’s world in such an amazing way resulting in the wonderful on goings that today we call WHAR Wolf Rescue, is proof that if you try and become immersed in the wolves world, you perhaps will never be the same person again. These animals have a way of showing you the most intricate of social features, and the very most love and daily loyalty a person can ever know. To say they are perceptive in an understatement. Many people believe these type of animals are telepathic. What I have seen is that they have all day to watch your every move, and via body language both yours and theirs, they learn to sense and understand who you are on a very personal, intimate level. Thankfully, they do not exploit their knowledge of us, but instead use it to love us, and we unto them. So we have learned that language, and if you come to volunteer, we will teach the language to you as will the animals.  We couldn’t think of a better cause to live with and to speak up for other than the wolf. If you find yourself in Paso Robles, come howl with the WHAR pack, we would love to share our program and the WHAR pack with you and your family, friends, or group.  Please use our Tour page to schedule  or give us a call directly for a wolf tour. Please understand we are a separate, different, organization from our neighbors the Zoo to You Program.

“Mz. Nikki-” Current Alpha female of WHAR Wolf Pack. Hopefully you will have a chance to see Nikki at one of the WHAR presentations!

“Cool Man Shiloh-” Currently Alpha male of WHAR Wolf Pack. Shiloh will be appearing with Nikki at a variety of venues.

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